Breaking news: September 23, 2015


Dear Valued Customer,

It is with a very heavy heart to advise you that Paradise Pet is closing its doors forever. It's been very difficult coming to the decision to close Paradise Pet. Diana and I put our hearts and souls into a business that turned out to be much more than that. We've made lifelong friends as a result. We've seen families evolve; not just animals either. We've seen children grow into adults. We’ve seen young dogs age and pass away; and new ones take their place. We shared laughter and tears with thousands of people over the 12 years we were here. We became a staple in the community. We've shared the most intimate moments with our beloved customers, especially when it came to their pets. We've cried on shoulders of complete strangers and offered our own shoulders the same way. We've seen and experienced so many wonderful things as a result of Paradise Pet. In my mind's eye I see so many wonderful people and their pets who have walked through our doors. I am sad, yes. I am extremely sad. But, underneath the sadness is an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. We tried to make people's lives better by being of service to them. Diana Coltenback and I always wanted to have people better off after having walked through our doors. People often tell us how blessed and lucky they were to have met us. We've heard that so many times over the years. But, I can assure you... Diana and I were the lucky ones. We were the ones blessed to have met you. We were the ones given the opportunity to serve you and our community. That is what life is all about; service to others. We are forever grateful for the countless opportunities and memories that we shared with so many. I just want everyone to know how much we love all of you and for all of your support over the past 12 years. We're going to miss a lot of things about Paradise Pet. But, most of all, we will miss the people and their pets that we were so fortunate to have met. We wish all of you the best life has to offer. So, officially, it is time to say goodbye!


Paradise Pet

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